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We are located in Kansas, on 5 acres in the country with plenty of room for our dogs to run and play.

I have been raising Miniature Pinschers for quite some time, My first litter was born in 1994.

The goal at Jackpins Ranch is to raise puppies with good temperaments that will be a blessing to their new owners. I do litter train all my puppies starting at 3 weeks of age. This helps with the transition to their new homes, and is especially helpful for families that work outside the home during the day, and for winter time puppies. All puppies are raised in my home and are handled daily. There are very few breeders that spend as much time and effort as I do to prepare the puppy to be a cherished member of their new family.

Puppies must remain here at Jackpins Ranch until they are at least 8 weeks of age, and I prefer to keep them until 9 weeks of age. If they are very small, I will need to keep them longer. I don't like to let any puppy leave here until they weigh at least 2 pounds.

I raise AKC registered Miniature Pinschers in a variety of colors. My personal favorites are Chocolates with nice coats, and good temperaments, that meet the AKC standard. I also have Black and Rust or Tan, Blue and Tan, Fawn, Tan, and some Reds.

I strive to breed Miniature Pinschers in the 6 to 8 pound range, and prefer the smaller size. I do also have a few that might end up in the 9 or 10 pound range.

I am a licensed Hobby Breeder, and only have a few litters each year. I do not ship my puppies, you will have to drive in to pick up a puppy you purchase from me. I can sometimes meet families part way, depending on the distance you have to travel.

I am licensed as a Hobby Breeder with the State of Kansas, and Inspected by both AKC and the State of Kansas.

I am always happy to help my puppies new family's with whatever issues arise.

Genetic testing for MPS VI was completed on all of my dogs that are used for breeding in 2006. I have a link below from the AKC canine health foundation with information about MPS VI on it.



Miniature Pinschers enjoy each others company, and they do know how to relax!!!